Zsigmond Ekler

Managing Director

After eleven years of chemical research I switched career and started getting familiar with human resources (HR) management at three American multinational companies. I founded our HR consultant company in 1996. Since then, we placed hundreds of candidates in various positions, from assistant to CEO. As for me, there is an appropriate position for everyone but it’s not always easy to find that. The most important aspect for me is to build career. When starting a job, there is a good chance of success if the tasks are interesting for our candidate, have new professional challenges and would be an improvement in terms of responsibility, and our clients benefits from the value we add to the process.

Bálint Ekler

Business Development Manager and Senior HR Consultat

As an engineering physicist, I had the chance to work on projects making the world better. As a recruiter, I am ceaselessly looking for professionals who are creative problem-solvers and are committed to environmental and economic sustainability. Having an MSc degree in nuclear physics and 8 years of experience in the energy industry, I can add extra value to recruitment processes for jobs related to power generation. Thanks to GE, I am also familiar with design engineering and manufacturing. Thus, my main area of expertise is recruiting for engineering jobs. I do my best to recruit the best.

Dóra Slezák

Zalaegerszeg Branch Office Manager and Senior HR Consultant

I received my diploma in human resources in 1998 at Janus Pannonius University in Pécs. I have been working in the field of labour lending and recruitment as a consultant and later as an office manager. Throughout my work I have gained experience in HR outsourcing too, therefore I had a chance to gain insight into corporate HR processes. Now I manage the local office of Ekler and Associates in Zalaegerszeg. The success of our assignments comes from our extensive business relations and our direct search. In the course of my work my ambition has always been to serve the HR needs of our clients in an efficient way by offering customised solutions performed on the highest possible quality. ’The most suitable person for the most suitable position.’ (Layard Austen)

Alexandra Tóth

Recruitment Assistant

I have been working as an HR assistant at a multinational company before I joined Dr. Ekler and Associates Ltd. in 2013. During this time, I have met many people and gained insight into various work areas. I can still use this experience. I’m about to find the most ideal place in the labour market with my knowledge and experience that I’ve gained so far.

Ekler Dorottya

Tanácsadó (Budapest)

Kommunikációs területen szereztem diplomát 2009-ben, s ez azóta is hasznosnak bizonyul a HR-ben végzett munkám során. A mesterképzést Brüsszelben végeztem el, majd átmenetileg továbbra is Belgiumban dolgoztam tréningszervezési területen. Hazatérvén Magyarországra a GE Lighting szervezetfejlesztési részén helyezkedtem el, majd visszatértem a toborzáshoz, mely már ismerős terep volt számomra, hisz ebben a légkörben nőttem fel. Mottóm, hogy ismerd meg az embert a szakember mögött – hiszem, hogy a szakmai tudás mellett ugyanolyan fontos a jelölt személyisége is. Mindenkit bátorítok a nyitottságra, és hogy merjen belevágni valami újba, mert sosem késő váltani.


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