Human Resources Counsellor

Why to choose Dr. Ekler and Associates?

It is welll known that the quality of the provided service depends on the experience of the consultants in their profession and the area of operations of the customer. In this regard we can honestly say that Dr. Ekler and Associates has a privileged position in the labour market because behind all our employees there is significant human resource management knowledge and experience gathered over the years.

In addition, the experience of our senior associates is from well-known multinational companies which have significant development of human resources world-wide.

We offer human resources development

  • Search and selection of candidates for senior, middle management and expert positions
  • Providing temporary workforce
  • Provide expertise for managing relationship between employer (senior managers) and employees (trade unions, works councils)
  • Advice on issues of labor law and for developing human resources administration
  • Create wage survey
  • Establishing or developing company-specific wage and benefit system
  • Establishing or developing performance review system
  • Leadership competency analysis
  • Coordinating
  • Assessment
  • Center programs
  • Career planning
  • Establishing employee satisfaction surveys
  • Advice on developing company communications
  • Organising team building activities

Our goal is Your success

We want to be successful in the human resources consulting market. As our customers become even more successful, we can achieve this. The key to success often lies in the development of human resources. This is where we can help you.


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