Recruitment and staffing

The labor market is divided into two halves. On the one hand, there is the Employer, who is willing to undertake expenses in order to have employees as resources and on the other hand there is the Employee, who sells his knowledge and experience as a service. This brings up a question in people who are inexperienced in the labour market: Why do we need recruiters?

Our role, which became our mission, is to find the right person for the right position. We do this with already two decades of HR service experience behind us. This time has shown that Employees are usually not aware of their possibilities. Employers are open to our advice in order to be able to define exactly what kind of experience and personality they need in a person to fulfill an open position. In addition, we also see that the HR employees of multinational companies are very busy so sometimes they don’t give any feedback for a long period of time for submitted job applications.

This case cannot happen if you take our services as a job seeker because we have a direct connection with the HR department of our partners so we can manage your whole application process. If necessary, we prepare you for the interview at our client and help you with useful advices. We can also provide you personality tests so you can discover the hidden parts of your personality.

Dr. Ekler and Associates has established business relation with nearly 200 partner companies since it was founded in 1996. Most of them have acquired our expertise not only in case of a specific recruitment assignment but as a result of mutual content of our cooperation, they stayed our clients in the long term. New employees are always needed. Even in those times when recession had its long-lasting presents felt all over Europe, the number of people whom we placed in positons was 61 in 2011, 53 in 2012 and 62 in 2013.

In case you aim to take advantage of our services, we would be offering you various services in the field of organizational development besides recruitment. Our work is characterized by accuracy and thoroughness and we perform quality service instead of ‘selling our candidates’. As part of the recruitment process we interview our candidates by all means and prepare an interview report as an evaluation of the meeting which we transfer to our client. We even arrange further interviews at the client company. In case it is needed our partners can consult with our colleagues in the matters of compiling the compensation package to be acceptable for both parties and ask for our assistance in facilitating its acceptation as well as concluding an employment contract.

Our aim is to offer the most efficient and overall support both to the Employers and the Candidates in order to make the best decision.


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