Facility Engineer

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Job description

  • Ensures the continuous and reliable operation of property, building equipment and security systems.
  • Continuously optimizes and efficiency improvement of energy consumption at building equipment.
  • Organizes and executes the corrective and preventive (TPM) maintenance of property, building equipment and security systems.
  • Ensures and continuously optimizes of spare parts supply for the property, building equipment and security systems.
  • Operates building infrastructure related equipment and systems like HVAC, humidifier, water treatment, WFI, steam boilers.
  • Executes facility and security related project management tasks.
  • Supports the continuous improvement of facility systems and applied technologies.
  • Ensures the high availability of building equipment and security systems and eliminate unplanned downtimes.
  • Organizes the preventive maintenance (TPM) for building equipment included spare parts ordering.
  • Continuously optimizes of stock level, consider of costs.
  • Prepares statistics, analysis and action plans to improve facility maintenance.


Required education and experience

  • Advanced technical qualification (building engineer, mechanical engineer, electrical engineer, security engineer)
  • Building technology experience min. 1 year
  • Practical experience needed for HVAC, water supply, electrical supply, lighting technich, pressure and low pressure air supply, propan and oxygen supply systems
  • Microsoft Office, SAP user level
  • TPM practically-, building control-, security systems knowledge
  • Good problem-solving and organizing skills
  • Able to read technical and building drawings and make proper user manuals



  • Vas county


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