System Administrator/DevOps Engineer

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Essential Duties & Responsibilities

  • Coordinate and implement rollouts of production related software systems/applications for factories of the business unit Pharmaceutical Packaging.
  • Conduct GMP compliant testing, validation and documentation of these system components.
  • You will be involved in support tasks (2nd/3rd level) and troubleshooting.
  • Act as a consultant for our production plants and communicate with the involved departments and stakeholders between production, IT and OT (Operational Technology).
  • Understand user requirements and collect ideas for continuous improvement.
  • Provide specification of technical system components.

Education & Experience Requirements

  • Degree in computer science, engineering or natural sciences
  • Practical experience in the implementation and operation of production-related software systems/applications in a production-related environment (MES, CAQ)
  • Experience in the administration of both Linux (e.g. Debian) and Windows system, as well as the development of scripts and applications for automated administration, CI/CD and monitoring of services
  • You are familiar with virtualization, container- and cloud-based deployments as well as the management of services based on Docker & Co
  • You are well versed in REST APIs and have sound knowledge of databases (e.g. SQL, No-SQL, Historian)
  • If you gained first experience with GMP related task is a plus
  • Good communication skills, especially in English, a team oriented working style distinguish you


  • Vas county

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